Short Story: The Truth about Mattress


It is safe to say that in today's mattress industry there is no better material than cold foam. The whole team of mattress man is fully behind this statement, there is nothing better. But what is cold foam anyway, and what should you pay particular attention to if you want to choose the individually fitting cold foam mattress? We explain that!

What is cold foam?

In the production of foams, the development of high elastic cold foam was undoubtedly a top performance. We think this performance is as important as the development of memory foam.

The thebest-mattress made of cold foam is comfortable, lasts for a long time, is permeable to air, so all properties contribute to a healthy and hygienic night's sleep. Cold foam should not be confused with other foams (e.g. with foam rubber), the composition and the manufacturing technology is fundamentally different (it follows that the typical features are also different, such as the particular homogeneity and the density).

But why cold foam

The answer to this arises from the manufacturing process.

Production of cold foam mattresses

Cold foam is actually polyurethane from two components. These are polyol (otherwise called sugar alcohol or polyhydric alcohol), and isocyanate. The chemical reaction of the organic compounds of the hydroxy group (polyol) and the isocyanate-containing group (isocyanate) gives the polyuretane (polymer chain), which became known under the name cold foam.

During manufacture, each individual process is strictly monitored, so that manufacturers can not only ensure the characteristics and quality of cold foam (elasticity, hardness, density), but also pay attention to environmental protection (sugar alcohol - which is also used as sweetener) completely harmless, the controlled consumption of isocyanates is equally harmless.)

Basically, there are two different processes in the production of cold foam. One type used to be fashionable; the foams were made for a long time at high temperature. This technology is now a thing of the past, low-temperature treatment has become widely accepted. In this case, the chemical reaction takes place at a relatively low temperature (30-75 C °); the cycle time is shorter (3-5 minutes).

So that's where the term cold foam comes from.

Advantages of cold foam mattresses

Cold foam has many beneficial properties, so when you count them all, it becomes clear that the overall characteristics of the mattress material are the best. Cold foam is comfortable, conforming, point elastic, long lasting and permeable to air.

Unlike other foams, cold foam can support the spine without the formation of pressure points, so it adapts perfectly to the body contour. This elastic foam is thus able to prevent or relieve back, hip or cervical vertebrae by relieving the back vertebrae.

Cold foam, which is according to the body weight according to hard and shaped (profiled), adapts to the body shape as perfect as memory foam, or quality mattresses with pocket spring core.

Unique point elasticity is also characteristic of cold foam (also memory foam is characterized), so if you jump on the mattress, the side of the partner will not even rain, so the mattress does not fall off in the direction. Needless to stress how important this is for perfect relaxation!

Everyone knows in their sleep that you need a relatively cool and dry climate for a good night's rest. So you do not have to turn around so often in the slack, you do not sweat, and the detoxification is optimal. The "perforated" structure of the cold foam mattress provides this ideal sleeping environment. You have to imagine that there are thousands and thousands of thin veins in the mattress, these microscopic channels divert the moisture that escapes from the body during sleep, so you wake up in the morning under hygienic conditions.

If you are inclined to sweat, cold foam is the ideal solution to the problem. In contrast to memory foam, it is well ventilated, so you do not sweat during the night.

Load tests have shown that cold foam gets less out of shape even with permanent, high load than other materials. A bed insert made of cold foam should therefore with appropriate treatment (turning around, note the weight limit, no "sofa effect") hold at least 7-8 years long (experts from America mean the way; you should use a mattress for 5-7 years). Suspension mattresses therefore do not last longer than cold foam because there is also some foam or latex padding as the comfort layer, and when it breaks, the suspension alone does not provide comfort.

Another advantage of rolled mattresses cold foam mattresses is that they are particularly easy to care for. There are very few bets that you do not have to turn around every now and then, so that both sides are evenly used to pass no side. Latex mattresses and mattresses with suspension are incredibly heavy, but a cold foam mattress can be turned over with a slight movement. Because they are vacuum-packed, the foam mattresses look like an oversized capsule, so transport is a breeze (they even fit in a smaller car), multi-layer foil packaging protects them from dirt and injuries.

This wonderful material can be combined in many ways, so everyone can choose the individually most favorable one for themselves. Cold foam mattresses differ in hardness; elasticity and density, there are various variations of fully dense, molded and profiled cold foam mattresses.

Latex mattresses prefer a cooler room temperature. Other types of mattresses such as cold foam mattresses or pocket spring mattresses are rather independent of the room temperature and always fulfill the promised lying characteristics.

The sweat tendency describes the disposition of a person how much fluid they lose during the course of a day / night. Some of us sweat more, others less. Accordingly, one loses during sleep either much or little fluid.

If you lose a lot of fluid, we speak of warm sleepers. The other way around is cold sleeper. For both types of sleep there are the matching mattresses. Finding the right mattress for cold sleeper turns out to be an easy task because cold sleepers can sleep on almost every mattress material!